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Marilyn Goldsmith our Teacher of the Year
Posted 10/19/2018 03:05PM

Charles Crosby

When learning that Marilyn Goldsmith was named Evergreen's Teacher of the Year the most common reaction is a knowing nod and an "of course." With a long career at Millbrook, and having made a huge impression on her students and colleagues, alike, she is not only a perfect, but also an obvious choice as our Teacher of the Year for 2018.

Millbrook's Principal, Dolores Garcia notes that Goldsmith is an institution at the school. "Marilyn is a "go to" person when it comes to all things Millbrook," she says. "Her love and dedication to this community spans decades. It is where she began her career and hopes to end her career when that time comes."

As she looks back over her impressive career, a few notable moments spring to mind. "Some of my career highlights include "light bulb" moments where a first grader realized that he could read or a sixth grader understood a difficult math concept for the first time," she says. "I have truly enjoyed working with new teachers, helping them get started with their careers. I also remember collaborating with different teams of teachers to develop units of study, share math or language arts strategies or implement an improved procedure. My highlight as a presenter came when I became a trainer with the California Reading and Literature Project."

She describes her teaching philosophy as "'all children can learn' and it is my job to find the right tools and strategies to unlock each student's potential. I model lifelong learning and want my students to be lifelong learners as well. Students need voice and choice in their learning, but within the limits of a well-organized structure."

Goldsmith, who enjoys spending time with her family, reading, hiking, teaching cycling classes, and traveling when she's not working with or for her students, has advice for up and coming teachers. "Make certain this is truly your calling and never stop growing.," she says. "There are so many ways to share and discover what works best for you and your students. Take care of yourself, strive for balance, and collaborate with colleagues."

The Santa Clara County Office of Education Teacher of the Year awards will be presented during the 49th annual Teacher Recognition Celebration Monday, October 22 at the Campbell Heritage Theatre. Goldsmith is excited to be a part of the event and is particularly proud to represent her school and District. "Millbrook Elementary and the Evergreen School District have been my home since 1985," she points out. "I have been fortunate to know and work with some truly amazing people. I am very grateful."

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