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Information for incoming 7th Graders: QOMS 2020-2021
Posted 04/19/2020 06:41PM

It is important to us at Quimby to make sure we are meeting the needs of all incoming 7th graders and scheduling classes accurately. As a reminder, elective requests are not guaranteed. We do our best to honor student requests. However, considerations for core classes always take priority when building a student's schedule. Please keep that in mind! Thank you.

Each 6th grade class from our feeder elementary schools was given the opportunity to participate in a visit to the Quimby campus. These 6th grade visits took place in February. During that time, students learned about each elective Quimby has to offer. During campus tours, 6th grade students had the chance to select their preliminary program and elective choices for middle school! We will be using those selections as a baseline to schedule incoming students. With campuses closed, we do not want to delay this process and cause any negative impact on our abilities to schedule all of our incoming students for the 2020-2021 school year.


  • Preliminary Elective requests were taken at the 6th grade visit via Google Form.
  • Paper Elective forms were provided to students at the 6th grade visit to be finalized and returned at a later date.**
  • In light of our current situation, student requests made on the 6th grade visit will take precedence when the administration team is developing class schedules for the Fall.
  • If a student did not attend a 6th grade visit, or enrolled after their elementary school's visit to Quimby, please email Mr.Stolan for the Google Form. mstolan@eesd.org. Please do not email Mr. Stolan regarding elective changes. Only email if the form was not completed at all by the student. Thank you for following this process.


** Elective Forms that have already been collected by 6th grade teachers can please be submitted to the elementary site's principal. At this time, with all Evergreen schools closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, gathering of paperwork will not be feasible from all feeder sites prior to the start of building Fall schedules for middle schoolers. If there are special considerations, please contact your school site's principal. Thank you!


  • Students who chose Lobo Leadership as their elective needed a teacher recommendation. A paper version was given to be collected at a later date.
  • In lieu of the paper recommendation, the Quimby administration will work with 6th grade teachers via email and confirm recommendations for students who have requested this elective choice on their 6th grade visit.


  • Students who selected LSI as a program choice on their 6th grade visit will have their choice honored.
  • Cross checking for those who were able to turn in paper applications took place.
  • Elective choices were selected on the 6th grade visit and those that needed teacher recommendation, for Leadership, were cross referenced via email to your 6th grade teacher.
  • All elective requests were taken into consideration and students will receive one of their top three choices.

Official Acceptance Announcement for LSI will be made via email on Monday, May 18, 2020

Thank you.


Mrs. Hansen-Vera, Principal


Ms. George, Site Director Lobo School of Innovation


Ms. Doxie, Project Specialist & Assistant Principal


Mr. Stolan, Student Leadership Coordinator & Assistant Principal


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