About Quimby Oak

Vision Statement:

Inspiring young adults to be thoughtful and resilient contributors to society.

Mission Statement:

Quimby Oak Middle School empowers young minds to be proactive, lifelong learners who think critically and communicate effectively.

We will maintain our work around the Evergreen Profile of a Learner and work together to develop students that learn, communicate, collaborate, think critically, innovate and advocate.

Principal's Message:

Dear Students and Families,

I am honored to be the principal of Quimby Oak Middle School, a California Distinguished School and a Gold Ribbon School. Quimby is rich with traditions, values, and #LOBOPRIDE in academics and athletics. I am thrilled to serve the Quimby community and support the growth and development of our students during these two pivotal years along their educational journeys.

At Quimby Oak, we believe in choice. We are keen to the needs of our students and fundamentally understand that learners are unique. Quimby is proud to offer parents and students two instructional program choices. Whether you select the Lobo Comprehensive Program (LCP) or Lobo School of Innovation (LSI), an exciting two-year experience awaits you. By providing choice between a fully project-based program, and a rigorous comprehensive program, our students are offered cutting edge opportunities that prepare them for the demands of high school, college and career. Our guarantee is that both choices deliver students an excellent academic experience where they learn to communicate effectively, think critically, collaborate, and creatively solve problems. At Quimby, we believe that the instructional program choices we offer empower our students and prepare them well for their futures.

Your child can look forward to a middle school experience filled with many academic and social adventures. Please encourage your child to get involved with sports or other school-based activities. As a parent, we welcome your collaboration. We encourage our parent community to become involved, share ideas, expertise, and passions. Please follow our PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association), and other parent leadership committees, to seek opportunities for you to engage with our school and district. The cornerstone of Quimby Oak is teamwork and the key to our success is clear communication and collaboration between home and school. We are looking forward to working with you!

The 2019-2020 school year brings some exciting changes for our students. First, Quimby will launch Lobo Homeroom. This is an opportunity for students to start the day positively by checking in with a supportive adult on campus. Lobo Homeroom will be a time for students to check in about upcoming school events, review school news, and circle up to goal set, problem solve, and build strong community. Also, Quimby will offer 7 new student elective opportunities that include:Service Learning, Yearbook Arts, Coding, Hip-Hop Dance, Wrestling, Volleyball and Weight Training. Lastly, we will offer a Leadership course that will be representative of LSI and LCP student perspectives so that a strong, unified, and inclusive Quimby Oak Middle School culture will prevail!

I am proud to serve the Quimby Oak community and look forward to a memorable school year.

Go, Lobos!

All the best,

Ryan Hansen-Vera, Principal

Meet the Quimby Oak Middle School Administration Team!

Ryan Hansen-Vera, Principal

Mrs. Hansen-Vera began her career in Evergreen in 2005 as an elementary school teacher at Cedar Grove. She's worked at Laurelwood Elementary school and joined the reinvention team at Katherine Smith Elementary in 2012. Long time Teacher Induction (BTSA) support provider and leadership team member, Mrs. Hansen-Vera served as a District Instructional Common Core Coach before joining Evergreen's administration team. Mrs. Hansen-Vera served as an Assistant Principal and Coach at Quimby Oak before leading the development, implementation and launching of Lobo School of Innovation. In June of 2018, Mrs. Hansen-Vera was promoted to Principal of Quimby Oak Middle School. On a personal note, Mrs. Hansen-Vera is a wife, mother and New Yorker at heart. She enjoys podcasts, live music, and sightseeing. In July of 2018, her baby daughter, Scarlett, as diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and she dedicates her free time to raise pediatric and childhood cancer awareness.

Ginger George, Site Director Lobo School of Innovation

Ms. George is a respected, and long-time ESD elementary school teacher. Known for her creative drive, knowledge and collaborative spirit, she's inspired students at Montgomery Elementary and Katherine Smith Elementary. Ms. George served as a District Instructional Common Core Coach at OB Whaley Elementary and is a New Tech Network Certified Teacher with exceptional expertise in facilitating and implementing projects in a Project-Based Learning Environment. She joined Quimby as and Assistant Principal and Coach in 2017. In June of 2018, Ms. George was promoted to Site Director of Lobo School of Innovation. On a personal note, Ms. George enjoys decorating her new home in Morgan Hill, spending time with her family, traveling, and spending time with her dog, Daisy! She enjoys entertaining, planning events, and decorating. Ms. George is artistic, vibrant, and brings her former cheerleader spirit with her wherever she goes!

Marena Doxie, Assistant Principal & Project Specialist

Ms. Marena Doxie is a long-time member of the Evergreen teaching community. Starting her teaching career at Quimby Oak in 2007, Ms. Doxie taught both seventh and eighth grades History/Social Studies, eventually becoming department chair and working to increase collaboration between grade levels and other content. A strong believer in teacher professional development, Ms. Doxie became a new teacher mentor, eventually joining the district's Induction (formally BTSA) leadership team. Promoted to Induction Program Coordinator in 2015, Ms. Doxie continues to lead and support new teachers across the district in their developing practices. Moving from Quimby in 2016, Ms. Doxie worked as the instructional coach at Cadwallader Elementary School before becoming assistant principal and coach at LeyVa Middle School. The return to Quimby in 2018 as assistant principal is a welcome home. Aside from work, Ms. Doxie enjoys spending time with her family, baking, and watching Netflix. She is currently working on an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Mills College in Oakland.

Mark Stolan, Assistant Principal & Student Leadership Coordinator

Mr. Stolan is a born and raised Quimby Oak Lobo. He attended Quimby Oak as 6th, 7th, and 8th grader during his middle school years. He then was offered a position as a Math teacher at Quimby Oak just out of college as part of the SJSU Teacher Internship Program and began impacting students he could relate to right away since he grew up in the same neighborhood. After 6 years as an integral part of the Math Department, Mr. Stolan took on a new venture and became a founding staff member of the Lobo School of Innovation, where he helped shape a new Project Based Learning School choice model within the Quimby campus. Now, Mr. Stolan’s journey has come full circle as he is beginning his first year as an assistant principal at the same Quimby Oak Middle School he attended all those years ago. He is absolutely obsessed with ties (he even has a slide show that he uses to teach students AND teachers the proper way to tie a tie) and is actively trying to make his 2 year old daughter, Noelle, as big a San Jose Sharks fan as he is.

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