At LeyVa, Art is a one semester, hands-on, color and design course in which students will have the opportunity to utilize a wide range of tools, techniques, and materials. Pencil, watercolor, papier-mâché, pastels, and clay are a few of the media that will be explored. In addition, students will learn about elements and principles of design, art styles, art periods, and art and artists from around the world. Every semester students will host art shows in the Purple Art Gallery and participate in Art for Change projects where they will explore ways in which their art can make the world a better place. We believe that everyone is an artist!

Computer Science

In this introductory computer science (CS) semester course, students will learn foundational concepts and skills. They will transition from being consumers of technology into creators of technology, and they will explore how to use the power of computers to solve big, real-world problems. Students will build their understanding of computing concepts using both unplugged and plugged-in activities.

Digital Media

This hands-on semester elective gives you the opportunity to use digital video production equipment to make you own short films. We will study different forms of movies, including live and stop action. Students will work cooperatively to plan, shoot, and edit their own videos. Course topics will include the ethical use of technology, script writing, storyboarding, using a camera effectively, online tools, and computer-based audio and video editing. All future “movie makers” get in line for this course!


Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Do you enjoy participating in school activities? Do you have school spirit? If so, this is the class for you! Leadership is a semester elective designed for students who want to organize and plan school activities such as dances, special assemblies, school-wide fundraisers, and athletic events. You may be required to work before school, during lunch, and after school. The goal of this class is to improve confidence, school spirit, participation, and responsibility in an effort to develop a better school program. In addition, you will have a lot of fun and create lasting memories and friendships. Be a part of keeping the spirit alive at LeyVa! Become a leader!

Symphonic Band

LeyVa’s woodwind, brass, and percussion performing ensemble is a full year elective class. Students develop a refined ability of their instruments based on a rigorous curriculum designed to hone performance skills. Through active participation in concerts, school functions, and various exciting activities, each student can expect intensive training on his/her band instrument. There is no experience needed to take this course. Rental of an instrument is recommended. School instruments may be available on a need for balance for sound. The director makes all decisions on balance of sound. What an exciting course!

Teacher Assistant/Office Assistant

Students must request an application from the teacher/secretary for whom they intent to be a teacher/office assistant for. Student must have parent/guardian and administration approval. Completed requests are due on May 19, 2017. Students may not be a TA/OA for more than one semester. Teachers/Secretaries are limited to five TAs per semester. The goal of this course is to improve reading, writing and numeracy skills, and effective communication skills. Increase the ability to build good relationships with children and adults. Develop excellent organizational skills, flexibility, and creativity.


Bakken, DavidEmail David Bakken
Band & Choir Director

Conway, JamesEmail James Conway
Art (Bulldog Tech)

Diaz, Susan Email Susan Diaz
Digital Media & Computer Science

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