Student Safety Guidelines for Parents

Before an Emergency Occurs

  • All visitors and volunteers MUST sign in at the office and wear a name tag. This is for the safety of all the children. Please do not visit the campus unless you have pre-registered as a volunteer. In case of an emergency the sign - in sheet will be used to account for ALL other persons on campus. If you do not sign in and there is an emergency you could potentially hamper rescue efforts by emergency personnel. The children’s safety is our #1 concern. Please keep that in mind.
  • Make certain that your children’s school emergency card is accurately and completely filled out and returned to the school. Please contact the school office promptly to correct any information.
  • If your child needs regular medication at school, assure there is always a 3 - 4 day supply maintained at all times.
  • Formulate your own home emergency plans and teach your children what they should do as part of it. Instruct them as to whom they should go for adult supervision if you are not available and as to what they should do if an emergency occurs when they are walking to or from school.
  • Discuss with your children the emergency training they have received at school, give your support by stressing its importance, and encourage them to cooperate with school staff members, both in practice drill and in the event of a real emergency.

During an Emergency

  • During an emergency, we can expect that phone lines into the school will be unavailable. To prevent interfering with emergency responders, we ask that parents wait to receive important information from school officials before going to the school or scene of an emergency.
  • During an emergency it is natural for parents to want to be reunited with their children immediately. The first priority of school and emergency staff, on the other hand, will be to secure the area, protect the children and tend to the injured. For a response effort to be successful, it is vital that parents not interfere. Your patience and cooperation during such a crisis can save children’s lives.
  • During an emergency please keep your cars away from the school so that emergency vehicles can have immediate and clear access to the school.
  • Please do not call your children on their cell phones so that emergency personnel can have open phone lines to communicate & to keep children safe if they are sheltering in place or hiding.
  • Please keep clear of the school until reunification procedures begin. Please allow evacuations to proceed without interference. You will be instructed as to the location of the reunification center.
  • Tune in to the local television and radio for news alerts.
  • Check the Evergreen School District website ( or call the District Office at (408) 270-6800 for information.
  • You will be notified by the Evergreen School District if & when an emergency occurs. The information you provide on your child’s emergency cards will be used to contact you.
  • Please follow the reunification procedures.

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